Control Room
17’x22′, acoustically tuned. We are equipped with the latest versions of Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton Suite. Splay your sessions across our SSL AWS 900+ analog console, and patch in to outboard gear by Avalon, Chandler, Daking, dbx, Warm Audio, and more! An Antelope Orion 32+ provides spectacular D/A conversion, and Barefoot Footprint 01 monitors provide pristine, accurate monitoring.

Our Mac Pro is loaded with all the essential plug-ins, such as Waves 9 Mercury, McDSP All Access, Autotune 8, Slate Everything Bundle, SoundToys 5, Komplete 10, and the full suite of Antelope Audio’s stellar Realtime FX. click for gear list


Control Room 6

Control Room 4

Control Room 1

Tracking Room
22’x23′, acoustically tuned, and includes full access to our Yamaha C2 baby grand piano, and large collection of drums, guitars, amps, synths, and mics. With 32 channels of I/O, the studio is capable of tracking full-band or individual instruments. The live room records drum tones on par with rooms twice its size, and is a perfect choice for string quartets!

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