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Rival Cavves – “Sauced”

New Rival Cavves single, “Sauced”.

Rival Cavves is Matt Lieberman of Magic Bronson, and Marissa Longstreet of SLUGS.

All Instruments, Programming & Arranging by: Matthew Lieberman
All Lyrics by: Marissa Longstreet
Vox by: Marissa Longstreet & Matthew Lieberman
Produced by: Matthew Lieberman & Marissa Longstreet
Engineered by: Matthew Lieberman
Mixed by: Justin Gariano @ TreeHaus Recording
Mastered by: Chris Hesse @ The Lighthouse Recording Studio
Art by: Sage Aune

© 2017 Look Sharp Records

Madi Wolf – “Hollywood Blvd” video

Madi Wolf has released a video for her new single, “Hollywood Blvd”. Check it!

Madi Wolf – “Hollywood Blvd”

Written and performed by Madi Wolf
Produced by Justin “JC” Gariano and Dusty Schaller at TreeHaus Recording

Madi Wolf – vocals
Dusty Schaller – drums, programming, synths
Justin “JC” Gariano – bass, guitars, synths
Jason Derlatka – piano, synths

Recorded at Treehaus Recording
Mixed by Justin “JC” Gariano, Woodland Hills, CA
Mastered by Chris Hesse at Lighthouse Recording, Woodland Hills, CA

Madi Wolf – “Lucky”

Madi Wolf has released her debut single, “Lucky”, exclusively on Spotify. You may have also heard the track in several episodes of the FOX reality show Coupled.

The track has nearly 100k spins in its first two weeks!

Madi Wolf – “Lucky”
Written by Madi Wolf, Ryan Cabrera, Nash Overstreet & Isaac Hasson

Produced by Isaac Hasson
Additional Production and Recording by Justin “JC” Gariano and Dusty Schaller
Mixed by Justin “JC” Gariano at TreeHaus Recording, Woodland Hills, CA
Mastered by Chris Hesse, The Lighthouse Recording, Woodland Hills CA

Danny Silberstein – “Throw Me A Line”

Please enjoy “Throw Me A Line”, a great new track from Danny Silberstein, recorded and mixed at TreeHaus Recording.

Danny Silberstein – vox/gtr/keys
Simon Lousky Alon – bass
Dusty Schaller – drums
Mixed by Justin “JC” Gariano

Choice cuts of TreeHaus goodness

Just a few of the countless tasty recordings we’ve done here at TreeHaus. for booking

TreeHaus Raw Drum Clips

We’ve uploaded a quick playlist of raw drum clips. All recorded analog, straight into Pro Tools. No plugins.

Detailed setup below…

Mapex maple 24″,13″,16″
Snares as labeled
Soultone custom series cymbals

Kick – D112 or D6 (as marked), Yamaha SubKick
Snare – SM 57 top, Beta 57 bottom
HH – C414
Toms – 421s
Overheads – Gefell UM70 pair
Rooms – Josephson c42 pair

Mic Pres:
HCL T8 tube pres
Langevin AM16 pres
Daking 52270H’s

Chandler Germanium Compressor
Daking Fet II
Radioman f600 stereo compressor
Avalon AD2044 stereo compressor

Moollz – “Imagery” single out now!

Moollz has released a second single, “Imagery”.

Moollz is currently recording a debut EP at TreeHaus Recording, with Justin “JC” Gariano and Dusty Schaller.

“Imagery” is available for purchase exclusively on Bandcamp.

Written by Moollz
Engineered & Produced by Justin “JC” Gariano and Dusty Schaller
Mixed by Justin “JC” Gariano
Mastered by Chris Hesse @ LightHouse

Vocals, Keys – Molly Kirschenbaum
Drums, Percussion – Dusty Schaller
Bass, Guitar – Justin Gariano