Tucked into the hillside above Woodland Hills, CA, TreeHaus Recording is a world class, full-service recording studio which offers the ideal place to escape the bustle of Los Angeles and focus on recording your next hit song.

Built by Justin Gariano (Colbie Calliat, SixxAM) and Dusty Schaller (Our Lady Peace, Chantal Kreviazuk), TreeHaus Recording caters to every level of music professional, and specializes in music production from tracking to mixing. Whether sketching a quick demo or recording a major label release, we provide our clients with a relaxed, playful environment full of “big-name studio” gear without breaking your budget.

TreeHaus is built around a Solid State Logic AWS 900+, 24-channel analog console; with outboard gear by Daking, Avalon, Chandler Warm Audio, and more; and a live room with a full compliment of drums, guitars, amps, and analog synths. click for gear list

For our remote clients, TreeHaus offers our full range of services via the Internet. From tracking to production to mix to master, we have A-list session musicians of every instrument imaginable at the ready.